Sampson Lewkowicz: Amilcar Vidal Jr needs to win or we stop working together

Uruguay’s chances of crowning its first male world boxing took a serious dent when Amilcar Vidal Jr succumbed to a devastating 4th round knockout defeat against Elijah Garcia this past March.

His countryman and manager Sampson Lewkowicz stated in our chat that he “his biggest dream in boxing was to bring his native Uruguay its first male world champion.”

However, the well seasoned promoter and manager was clear on the two routes that present themselves following the upcoming main-event in Montevideo, Uruguay live on ProBox TV this Saturday night.

“This is a big fight for Amilcar, he needs to win to get back to America.” Lewkowicz said. “He’s a lot of pressure on him before the fight to become his country's first world champion. The pressure is even greater now, if he loses this fight we will stop working together. If he wins we go back to America and continue on the road we were on before the Garcia defeat.

“It has been a difficult period for him. His Father passed away and it looked like he was struggling in the gym. Don’t get me wrong, he is a clean living athlete, doesn’t drink or do any drugs. It’s hard to explain, when his father passed it seemed to take something away. I hope he comes back and looks great in his own country.”

Vidal Jr takes on Dominco Rondon (17-5, 11 KOs) of Venezuela, a fight he’s expected to win that could pose more pressure for the hometown fighter.

“This is his comeback fight.” He added. “He needs to win and look good doing it. There will be a full crowd, it should be a great night on ProBox TV. It has always been my biggest dream to bring my country a world champion.