Lester Martinez: In high spirts despite Brian 'BoMac' McIntyre incarceration ahead of Lionell Thompson collision in Plant City

Despite its size, Central America has produced some of the greatest and most entertaining fighters of this generation. A country less spoken about in boxing terms is beginning to turn heads, as Guatemala's rising star, Lester Martínez (16-0, 14 KOs) continues his surge through the super middleweight division with his native land behind him. 

In his return to Probox TV, Martínez advances in his conquest for a world title as he faces veteran Lionell Thompson (22-5, 12 KOs) over 10 rounds in the co-main event of the evening. The Guatemalan’s presence was felt in his last performance, knocking out Lucas De Abreu inside 4 rounds. 

On merit, Martínez had been given the opportunity to team up with Terence Crawford’s renowned trainer Brian ‘BoMac’ McIntyre as the current undisputed world champion prepared for the fight of his life against Errol Spence Jr. back in July. 

In an exclusive interview with Probox TV, Martínez reflected upon his world class preparation he had received. “The training with BoMac, since they gave me the news to train with him, I thought that I will surely suffer every day of my life, I already knew what I was going to get into, into fire, fire, fire.” The emotion was evident in his voice as he relived his experience with the acclaimed trainer.

Martínez continued. “Although BoMac was very tough, that's what everyone is looking for, to be squeezed to the depths of our bodies. Even outside of training he was a very good person.”

 In a bizarre turn of events, ‘BoMac’ was charged earlier this month with possession of a firearm and ammunition without a licence in the United Kingdom just weeks before Martínez’s next fight, and now is currently being detained. 

Whilst giving further insight on his training situation, the 27 year old remained in high spirits in the absence of a key team member. Martínez explained his alliance with fellow countryman Esau Dieguez as they prepare for the battle ahead. “Since the previous fight in Tampa I was with him, I've done pretty well with him.”

The young prospect accessed the matter once more in respect to McIntyre. “Imagine being in the team, the best team in the world, Crawford's team, having the preparation with world champions, it's something incredible. I was training with BoMac, and that drama affected me in a way, because each coach is a fundamental part of the team, imagine that the team is not complete, but despite this, everyone is giving their best to make it a very good preparation.”

With most of the hard work done and greatness on the horizon, ProBox TV asked what the public should expect on September 20th from the undefeated puncher. 

“In boxing, nothing is written until it happens, well obviously I prepare to win,“ Martínez added, “I don't prepare to hang on, I prepare to put on a good show. All my life I've always prepared to win, and I hope that this time, and if I win by knockout, all the better.”

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