Leigh Wood: 'I'd happily' give Warrington a rematch following sensational stoppage win

WBA world featherweight world champion Leigh Wood has opened the door to the possibility of a rematch between himself and Josh Warrington following the pair’s entertaining duel at the Sheffield Arena this past weekend.

Wood, who was making the maiden defence of his second WBA title reign against Warrington, survived an early onslaught from the challenger, proving that he was far from washed at the top level of the featherweight division.

The pattern continued until round seven, and in the dying embers of the round, Wood nailed Warrington with a colossal chopping left and followed it up with a flurry of shots, sending Warrington to the canvas.

Despite rising to his feet, referee Michael Alexander would wave off the contest, citing that Warrington was in no position to continue despite the protests of Warrington’s father and trainer, Sean O’Hagan.

An emotional Warrington called for a rematch, feeling he was ahead on the cards at the time of the stoppage, and criticised referee Alexander for removing a point in the seventh round for punches behind the head, insisting that he wasnt given a final warning for the fouls he was judged to have committed.

Post-fight, Warrington would continue his protests to the annoyance of Wood, who believed that the former two-time IBF world featherweight champion was discrediting him. However, Warrington would apologise and congratulate Wood on his victory but still called on a rematch in the politest terms.

Wood responded on his own socials, praising Warrington and understanding his frustrations in defeat and that he did not take it personally while also saying he would “happily” give him another opportunity.

“Respect,” Wood would post on Facebook. “Josh showed why he still belongs at this level, and I’d happily give him another opportunity. Things always get said in the heat of the moment, but i have nothing but respect for him as a fighter and a man.”

If a rematch does transpire, any fight will likely occur in the super-featherweight division because both fighters admit that making the 126lbs featherweight limit had become increasingly challenging to make safely.