Keith Thurman responds to criticism from Crawford

Former welterweight world champion Keith Thurman [30-1] has talked down Terence Crawford’s feat in becoming undisputed champion following comments from Crawford [40-0] that Thurman and Danny Garcia will never get an opportunity to challenge Crawford for his undisputed crown.

Crawford would dismantle and halt Errol Spence Jr. to capture the undisputed champion at welterweight and become a two-weight undisputed champion, the first male fighter in history to do so in the four-belt era. Crawford would secure the status inside nine rounds and score three knockdowns in the process.

The Omaha native, Crawford, commented on Danny Garcia’s opinion that a fight with Crawford was still possible. Crawford, on social media, immediately slapped down any prospect of Garcia Thurman getting an opportunity against him. Thurman was brought up by Crawford unprovoked before mentioning that the ‘tables have now turned’ in Crawford’s favour on who he faces in his career. 

“My how the tables have turned. Danny Garcia and Keith Thurman will never, and I mean never, get a shot at the top dog, and that’s me. Y’all hoe assess didn’t want any smoke when I wanted to fight, remember? Now y’all want to fight so bad – go keep fighting each other like before,” Crawford wrote on social media on Tuesday.

“It’s funny how all these fighters want to fight now but back then all they could say was I haven’t fought nobody. Now they are begging, looking for a check. Can’t make this up.

“All these fighters that were claiming to be their own bosses were hiding behind the term “call [PBC head] Al [Haymon]. Now they are talking like they can fight whoever they want. Boy, y’all some pawns, go sit down.”

“Y’all created a whole term ‘he on the wrong side of the street.’ When in boxing, have you ever heard some sh!t like that till I moved up?”

Thurman, who is a former unified welterweight world champion [WBA/WBC], responded to FightHubTV by discrediting Crawford’s victory over Spence, even insisting that he would have beaten Spence Jr on that July 29 night in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“[Crawford] didn’t beat up a real champion, kid. Everybody knows that if you put Thurman in the ring on that night, Thurman wipes that Spence, that Errol. He gets wiped by many people,” said Thurman.

“I don’t think that Errol Spence would beat Shawn Porter. God blessed you, kid. Everybody knows in boxing that it’s timing. There’s an old saying – one day you got it, the next day you don’t.

“A lot of people know – Thurman against that Spence, the same scenario.”

Furthermore, Thurman continues mockingly adding that if Crawford does not want to face him, that is ‘fine’ before continuing to add that he [Thurman] remains an active fighter. This is despite Thurman only taking part in six fights over the previous six years and did not fight between July of 2019 and February of 2022.

“[Crawford and I] could have fought in October, but [Crawford] fought some nobody [David Avanesyan] … Are you king of the hill now? Yeah,” said Thurman.

“You put me in there with [Crawford] on that same night in Vegas [he fought Spence and] it’s not the same fight. Do what you want with your career. If you don’t want to fight me, fine. Spence never really wanted it. You don’t ever really want it, that’s fine.

“Do what you want to do with your career. Go after Canelo [Alvarez]. Make history, be big. Don’t fight Danny. Don’t fight Thurman. I’m still an active fighter. I still love looking for the best fights. It’s not my fault that you’re the best fight out there.

“Like I said, there was some political stuff when you were back with [Top Rank head] Bob [Arum]. You’re not with Bob no more. You fought PBC fighters, but you still haven’t seen the one that is just the dog.”

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