Karriss Artingstall aims to return as soon as possible following win in Manchester

Karriss Artingstall moved her record to 3-0 in Manchester following a comfortable points win over Linzi Buczynskyj over six rounds. The Tokyo Olympics bronze medalist demonstrated improvements following a sixth-month layoff from her last appearance in October. Artingstall featured on the undercard of Lawrence Okolie's WBO world cruiserweight title defence against David Light. 

Artingstall aims to be out as soon as possible and wants to progress to eight and ten-round contests as soon as possible. 

Speaking to IFL TV, she explained that longer fights regarding the number of rounds will only see her improve and showcase her ability.

“It was good to get back in there, I’m glad that’s done now, and then I want to get out as soon as possible. I’ve seen a few shows lined up there are rumours around about which ones (events) I could be on, so I’m hoping to make an announcement within the next week.

“I need to step up now and go into the eight-rounders and push through into the ten-rounders as soon as possible.

“I’m a fighter that gets better as the rounds go on, as tonight’s shown, because I found my rhythm after the second and third rounds. I should have gone for eight tonight, but I sold myself short because it’s been since October since I last fought.”

Artinstall also asked for better-quality opponents in future as she aims to have three eight-round contests and then evaluate her position before stepping up to ten-round contests.

“I want to keep stepping up the opposition as well, and you do that with around the better opposition is going to come in it because they’re the bigger fights. Next, i want eight rounds, do a couple of them, maybe three of them. Then see how I’m getting on with them before i jump straight into the ten-round fights.”