Jackie Kallen: Mykquan Williams is ready to step-up to the next level

Super lightweight contender Mykquan Williams pulled off the upset against the undefeated Luis Feliciano during ProBox TV’s Wednesday Night Fights in Plant City.

Williams (20-0-2, 9 KOs) sent his adversary to the canvas twice in the second before producing an emphatic sixth round stoppage. 

“I love coming in as the underdog actually,” Williams’s manager, Jackie Kallen, told ProBox TV. 

“When James Toney fought Michael Nunn in Davenport and beat him, he was the underdog at 20-1. But, I like that, it is a challenge. I’m a competitive person and I usually find boxers who are also competitive. In order to be the best, you have to beat the best. If you can’t step up and believe in yourself then you are in the wrong sport.”

Kallen’s charge had just one fight in 2023 — a draw with Paulo Cesar Galdino. The 25 year old Connecticut man now becomes part of the conversation at 140 pounds following a career best performance in Florida. 

“There are three stages to a boxing career,” Kallen explained. 

“The beginning stage where you are the A-side fighter and have easy fights to build up your record. Then you have the middle stage, where you have to step up and sometimes be the opponent fighting a better guy to get you to the final stage where you go towards a title and get ranked in the top 10. 

“We are in that transitional stage where you have to step up. If you come in as the underdog, you just have to get in there and prove you are not the underdog. You have to come in as the top dog, I think we did that [on Wednesday]. 

“It is a four lane highway, you have a promoter, a manager, a trainer and a fighter. When everybody stays in their lane and looks straight ahead we will arrive at the destination. We are proud to be a good solid team, with 22 fights and no losses we are doing something right.”

As always, talk takes a sharp turn towards; who is next for Williams? 

“Obviously, to climb the ladder we will have to fight someone who is rated ahead of you,” Kallen said. 

“We are going to go back, sit down and work on what is next. Whatever comes next we are ready for it. As long as we bark we are there. 

“We are just going to go as far as we can go and hopefully all the way to the world title. That is what the game is all about.”