Kalle Sauerland hopeful for 3 German world champions in 12 to 18 months

The central European nation steeped in history currently has zero world champions fighting under the German flag.

The nation has in recent times had a real problem getting fighters to the very top of the sport, despite playing a vital roll in keeping the sport ticking on the continent. World title fights are nothing new to the country, but a current world champion would be.

British/German promoters Nisse and Kalle Sauerland predominantly ply their trade on British shores as Wasserman Boxing in recent times, however they do still hold a foothold in Germany.

This past Friday at York Hall saw two of Wasserman’s German charges impress, with Denis Radovan also in good form suited near the very top of the middleweight pecking order. A trio Kalle Sauerland believes can unlock the spell on German boxing.

“Sophie Alisch has had a few issues outside of the ring, injuries and such.” Said Kalle Sauerland of Alisch’s 8th professional victory. “I didn’t even think she needed the first round to shake off the ring rust. She is one to look out for. WBC prospect of the year twice I think, which doesn’t buy you much. But it does tell you there is something to watch. She will be a world champion if she continues to be active.

“She is very active outside the ring, a brand ambassador for so many different things. But I think on the sporting side of things are now going to come blossoming this year. She needs activity, we have the platforms. She was live on DAZN in Germany tonight, which is good.”

Abass Baraou (13-1, 9 KOs) was another German on display, defeating Ferenc Katona at York Hall by 3rd round stoppage.

“He will go in to the European championship next.” Sauerland continued. “He looked fantastic tonight. Working great out of that Boxing Booth Gym. The German contingent are very good. Denis Radovan (won) last week as well. IBF eliminator for the middleweight world championship. So hopefully Germany will have a couple of world champions again.

“Things have been slow.” Sauerland said on the recent times in German boxing. “If you look at the golden years of the 90s and early 2000s, the last few years have been tough for German boxing. Then you see Denis Radovan, Abass Baraou and Sophie Alisch, who will probably all fight for a world title in the next 12 to 18 months. Still got to go and do it, but it’s good.”

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