Joshua won’t regret his boxing career if he doesn’t fight Fury

Although Anthony Joshua is less than two weeks away from his return to the ring, the name Tyson Fury keeps coming up.

An Fury-AJ fight would be a British boxing record breaker and has been in the pipeline for years, and it is the fight most coveted by Joshua’s promoter, Eddie Hearn, and his broadcaster, DAZN.

As Fury’s contract talks with Oleksandr Usyk imploded this week, Joshua – who fights Jermain Franklin in London on April 1 – seemed less than surprised.

“I was supposed to fight him before I fought Usyk, the first time, and he pulled out due to his legal case, the arbitration, with [Deontay] Wilder. That was all up in the air and done online. Then we had the one for this December.”

The fighters went their separate ways, with Joshua facing Franklin and, if successful, possibly Dillian Whyte later this year, and now Andy Ruiz has called out Fury meaning a Fury-Joshua bout could still be a year or more away, if it even happens.

“Will the fight with me and him get made? I don’t know,” Joshua continued. “Look at all the shit they are going through now with this Usyk stuff. It’s just crazy. I don’t publicise things so it’s actually good that people are starting to see what goes on in negotiations. It’s good that people can actually see the shit that people have got to put up with to make a fight.”

Joshua’s loudest supporter, Hearn, has championed his man’s willingness to face anybody, including saying Joshua wanted the Fury fight last year even when Hearn did not think it was the right fight at the right time.