Joshua admits career would be ‘incomplete’ without Fury or Wilder on his record

Anthony Joshua has said that if he does not fight either Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder, then his career will be incomplete.

In an interview for the November edition of Men’s Health, Joshua was asked specifically if the Fury fight was one he needed, to which he replied: “If I don’t fight Fury or Deontay Wilder, one of those two, then yes…. But I’m not waiting around until I’m 40. I can’t drag my career out waiting. In between waiting, I will have to do more fights, more training camps, more pressure.”

Joshua admitted that he had watched Fury’s Netflix special and that he had enjoyed it, and he admired the way Fury delt with the fan who told him he felt Joshua would beat him if they fought.

Joshua said he would “definitely” do a Netflix series, too, but then said perhaps it would not be so family orientated.

“No, maybe I would focus more on the business, our values, what we will do after boxing. What is the gain for the family? A minute of fame? If one of them had a strategy where they wanted to showcase themselves for some reason then yes, a great opportunity, but they don’t.”

It is a wide-ranging interview, and includes Joshua telling interviewer Alistair Campbell about how he is going to Dubai to spend four days in a dark room to learn more about himself, as well as Joshua’s thoughts on religion, money, pain and AJ was also asked for his assessment of boxing’s image.

“Boxing is about the individuals,” Joshua stated. “You need superstars. Without superstars, boxing is in the shit. It’s not like football, where there’s a season and leagues and it comes round again and again. But boxing is in okay shape., because of all the different networks investing in it, wanting to be part of it.”