Josh Warrington Explodes On Mauricio Lara Ahead of December 10th Title Defense

Josh Warrington is looking ahead to his maiden world title defense after recapturing the IBF world featherweight title against Kiko Martinez in March of this year, Warrington faces Luis Alberto Lopez next month at the First Direct Arena, Leeds in which will be entertaining encounter for those in attendance.

However the name of Mauricio Lara will not escape the Leeds native of whom Lara already holds one stoppage in 2020 followed by a no contest in 2021 due to head clash. Many within the industry have been calling for a trilogy to happen but there is a genuine dislike between the two fighters. Lara feels Warrington has insulted him and his father and recent comments by the Mexican has stated that he instead to end his career. Warrington speaking to boxing social has returned fire and says the Mexican should be more grateful for the opportunities that he has given him.

In typical Yorkshire fashion, Warrington did not mince his words.

“Mauricio thinks I’ve called his Dad a wanker or whatever, I didn’t even fucking know his Dad was a part of his team. I couldn’t give a fuck about his Dad.

If he wants to go down that route, then yeah his Dad is a wanker. ‘It’s personal now’ I want to end his career’?, what a fucking bellend. I’ve given him his fucking biggest pay day of his career, he wants to be fucking grateful, he will be a fucking multi-millionaire in pesos, fucking ungrateful cunts. Making it personal? What a wanker.”

If a trilogy was to take place, its safe to say that it would not be a quiet lead up.

Warrington has also hit out at his own broadcaster DAZN, with their coverage of the Lara rematch at Headingley Stadium claiming that they threw him under the bus claiming that they were biased against him.

“DAZN, same fucking promotional outfit and that but they threw me under the bus.

The behind-the-scenes stuff, they painted a picture as though I’m grateful to get out of the ring and that I’m still alive. I’m cheering to all my fans and that, when I’m fucking devastated, I’m close to tears.

It’s all like ‘I’ve made it, I’m back, I didn’t die!’, Mauricio’s devastated that he couldn’t kill me, that’s how they painted it.

If you were watching that and you didn’t know what the fuck went on, you’d be like ‘aw poor Lara, he didn’t get the chance to kill that Warrington’.”

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