Josh Taylor Hires New Coach Ahead Of February Rematch With Catterall

Former Undisputed world super-lightweight world champion, Josh Taylor, (who currently holds the WBO crown) has switched up his training team and has agreed to work with one of British boxing’s brightest coaching talents in the form of Joe McNally. The Liverpudlian is a long-time established figure of the famous Rotunda ABC in Liverpool as a former elite amateur, budding professional and coach the likes of Liam Smith within the pro ranks. A growing reputation has seen the Scotsman move “south” to Liverpool and confirmation that he has parted ways with Ben Davison. Taylor speaking of the switch, spoke that he was going stale under Davison and felt the switch was needed. (via Sky Sports)

"I'm excited for this new chapter in my career. It's a nice, new, refreshing start. I got to meet him a couple of months back, got talking to him and bounced ideas off him, and I liked the way his mind works, his mindset and ideas," the Scotsman said.

"I went down and had the trial week with him, and then he came up to Scotland a couple of weeks later and we just hit it off, we just really gelled. He stayed with me for the weekend and we got to really know each other and speak in depth about what we want to do, moving forward.

"I just think I needed a little bit of a change, and it's no aim or dig or anything at Ben [Davison, his previous trainer] or the lads in the gym, I just needed a change. I felt like I was getting a bit stale, and just picking up little bad habits, and taking away from my main attributes and my main strengths.

"I'm happy with the choice that I made, and Ben and I are still very amicable and still speak. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank him, actually, for the work that we did together. He helped me achieve my dream of becoming undisputed world champion, and what a job he did. We got the tactics right, and everything was perfect.

Furthermore to the training switch, an anticipated rematch with Jack Catterall is all but confirmed for February of 2023 in what would be one of the most anticipated re-runs in British boxing in recent years. The pair boxed off in February of this year in which many disagreed with the scoring of the contest which was ruled in favour of Taylor despite many feeling that Catterall had done more than enough to win on Scottish soil. Points deductions by the referee also puzzled both fighters in a contest which went twelve rounds leaving scores of Howard Foster 112-113 in favour of Catterall & scores in favour of Taylor scored by Ian John-Lewis 114-111 & Victor Loughlin 113-112.

Josh confirmed that its in the hands of the lawyers involved and that the deal is close to being made which is all but confirmed for February of 2023 and is most likely to be held in Glasgow once again.

"It's in the hands of the lawyers just now. We're looking at finalizing and closing in on contracts and dates, so it's looking like that's going to be the fight next," Taylor told Sky Sports.

"It's been a long time coming, I would like to get that one nice and soon, but it's with the lawyers so I'm just waiting on everything getting back to me. I've done everything I can on my side, so we're just waiting on the other side, really."