Jose Benavidez Sr. names Jaime Munguia at the top of the list if no 'Canelo' fight

Earlier tonight, a letter that was addressed to Eddy Reynoso circulated social media, which was headlined by an offer for interim WBC super-middleweight champion David Benavidez to fight the undisputed king Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez. Word got to Reynoso quickly, and he denied receiving such an email. Sampson Lewkowicz quickly sent a follow-up email referencing the first message and went at Reynoso for questioning his integrity that the email was sent in the first place.

After all of this transpired, I thought it would be interesting to get Jose Benavidez Sr.’s take on the situation and get an update on what’s next, if not Canelo. Benavidez Sr. told ProBoxTV,” I was talking to Sampson, and they did make an offer to Eddy Reynoso, and he did not respond. I was training David (Benavidez) when he (Sampson) told me, ‘We did make an offer, but Eddy Reynoso has not responded. We gave him up to today to respond, and he is not answering the call.’ 

Okay, so it sounds like we are not getting Benavidez vs. Canelo, so what is next? “Now that they approached Eddy Reynoso with an offer and they did not accept, we are going to have to go to Plan B. He (David Benavidez) is supposed to fight in September, October, or somewhere around there. We are going to have to see who is next in line. To be honest, I never thought that fight was going to happen. I don’t think Canelo wants to fight David.

This is where things got interesting as I wanted to know the top three fighters Benavidez Sr. has on the radar for his son. The first name caught me off guard and was unexpected, but it would make a lot of sense. Benavidez Sr. told ProBoxTV, “To be honest, a fight that would make a lot of sense right now is someone that isn’t in our company, and that’s Jaime Munguia. I think that is a fight that people would want to see. He already has some fans in Mexico, and since Canelo didn’t want to fight David, then let's get Munguia.”

Benavidez Sr. continued, “I would definitely love a fight with David Morrell. We have a contract with them to fight, so the second choice would be Morrell. Third would be (Demetrious) ‘Boo Boo’ Andrade. At this point, the more realistic one is David Morrell.

Well, it sounds like we will be waiting as Benavidez’s next opponent gets sorted out. Stay tuned for more on this developing story.