Johnny Fisher: Romford’s Bull ‘Not far away’ from the big British fights

The UK heavyweight division has caught the headlines throughout the year. The confused purse bid situation between Frazer Clarke and Fabio Warldey saw rival promoters Matchroom and Boxxer not get the fight made for the British title. However, nationally the heavyweight scene looks quite healthy despite Warldey and Clarke not meeting this summer. David Adeleye’s name has come into picture of late, racking up 11 straight victories with Queensbury promotions. 

The next British heavyweight face on the cusp of being flung into gauntlet for an all British barnstormer is Johnny Fisher. The Romford Bull has built a passionate fan base selling over 1000 tickets regularly, building his name on the Matchroom undercards on DAZN. Tomorrow night he hopes to continue his march against Emilio Salas propping up the flyweight world title fight between Sunny Edwards and Andres Campos in London.

“I’m expecting a tough, rugged southpaw tomorrow night.” Fisher said in an exclusive interview for ProBox TV. “It’s been a while, I haven’t fought a southpaw since my debut. It’s a good step in class in terms of southpaw’s I fought. We have had a different type of camp with different sparring. We are just rounding off all the corners before we move forward.”

Fisher (8-0, 7 KOs) had become British boxing’s very loveable heavyweight, the social media presence him and his father take part in seems to adhere to the loyal fanbase that chants at every weigh-in and every fight. However, some boxing fans started to turn.

“It’s fine, it doesn’t faze me at all.” Fisher stated. “People do what they got to do, they can comment what they want, they will keep watching, I’ve got to do what I got to do. If they don’t like it, they don’t have to. This is the nature of the game we are in, we are in the entertainment business and people are allowed to have opinions on us. That’s what we get paid for, we don’t just get paid to go in there and fight, which I know is a lot to deal with anyway. We just have to deal with the public and the people who want to watch us fight as well. It’s part of the game, you got to expect criticism from all avenues.” 

At just 24 years old you could probably forgive Matchroom for the slightly cautious matchmaking of Romford’s household name. However, sooner rather than later we would hope to see Fisher challenging for national titles.

“That is the aim, to get up there and fight for a British title one day.” Fisher answered. “When that is and how that comes about is up to me and how I progress. At the minute I’m just at the stage where I’me about to have my second 8 rounder, soon we will move to 10 rounders. So we are getting up there. We are not that far away. But, I never look any further than my next fight, which is Emilio Salas. If I don’t beat Emilio Salas, then that is all out of the window.”

The ferociously bitter fallout between the teams of Frazer Clarke and Fabio Wardley had the nation talking. Fisher gave me his view on the events that took place very openly in the media.

“I know Frazer and I know Fabio very well. Fabio probably a little bit more because I’ve sparred with him a lot. Frazer Clarke is not worried about fighting anyone, I can assure of that. It’s probably just his promotional team and his managers, I don’t know what was going on there. He’s obviously only had six fights, it’s probably sensible to get another 10 rounder in before you move onto a 12 round title fight. But that is a fight we want to see Fabio Wardley Vs Frazer Clarke, hopefully we will get somewhere by the end of the year.”