Johnathon Banks: Badou Jack is "The Money Guy" at Cruiserweight

Badou Jack has experienced a rejuvenation since his move up to the cruiserweight division. The jump up to 200 pounds coincided with a move to boxing’s new hotspot, the Middle East. Jack won the WBC world title with a commanding 12th round knockout victory over Ilunga Junior Makabu this past February in Saudi Arabia. 

Jack told ProBox TV that he is looking to get back in the ring shortly after the summer, his preference being a duel with former three-time world champion Sergey Kovalev.

ProBox TV News spoke exclusively to Jack’s trainer Johnathon Banks to get an update on the cruiserweight world champion. 

“If any of these British guys want to make a bunch of money, they need to go to Saudi and visit Badou.” Banks said in response as to where Jack ranks among the cruiserweight champions. “He’s the top guy at cruiserweight at the moment, he is the money guy! I like the Kovalev fight too, he is a strong puncher and may still have a lot of life left in him. But, Sergey is dangerous either way because he can punch. No matter if he is even a dead man walking you got to take him seriously, he may come out aggressively if he thinks he hasn’t got long left, not saying he has. He’s just a very big puncher with great technique, no matter what, you have to be careful with a guy like that.”

Jack has set up shop in the United Arab Emirates and has signed promotional terms with ambitious Saudi Arabian company, Skill Challenge Entertainment, after much of his career in America. The move has proved fruitful for the three-weight world champion as he looks to solidify his status as the number 1 in the division.

“I think it is beautiful that Badou has found real happiness over there, he’s my guy who I have a lot of time for.” Banks continued. “I love what is happening in that region with boxing. I like working with the guys over there, very good people. On a personal level it is just a pleasure to watch something grow from the bottom. What they are doing there is very special, not only are they giving guys the opportunity to support their families, but they are also getting the chance to make a name for themselves in boxing and have long lasting careers. This is in an area that fighters would never have had these opportunities before. There are some fighters that would have needed an extra 10 fights before they made some good money. I don’t see anything wrong with it, I think it is a good thing.”