John Fury Says Tommy Fury Will Retire If He Can’t KO Jake Paul

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury have been at odds for all of 2022, yet a fight has happened.

This is despite it being scheduled twice.

Fury withdrew with a rib injury in training camp once, and was denied entry to the United States on another occasion.

Now we’re hearing rumors of the two fighting in the middle east.

The father of Tommy Fury, and more famously, Tyson Fury, let the world know what he thinks about a potential fight.

"Let me tell you this much: If Tommy can't knock Jake Paul out I'll retire Tommy from the sport of boxing straight afterwards, I'll have no more to do with it," John Fury stated to Fairbettingsites. "I'll say ‘look, you’re going nowhere' because I don’t rate Jake Paul at all. I think Jake Paul would struggle with me. If I had a seven-week camp now and got the proper sparring and got my weight down, Jake Paul would struggle with me.”

John Fury doubled down on this.

"If Tommy could not knock him into next week - and I mean do a number on him - he has no right looking at conventional boxing at all because Jake Paul would not win a proper amateur fight. He would not beat a decent-class amateur. Boxing a man 50 years old that needs a zimmer frame to get in the ring, come on. Tommy’s a livewire, the fight will be made at 13 stone 3-4 lbs, Tommy’s ideal weight and Tommy can punch as hard as a heavyweight.

Will this fight happen in 2022, who knows, but John Fury has made his stake in the ground for the terms he expects from Tommy Fury.

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