Jesse 'Bam' Rodriguez: Wants to dominate at Flyweight

Jesse ‘Bam’ Rodriguez takes on Christian Gonzalez Hernandez for the world flyweight title tomorrow night in Texas. ‘Bam’ makes the move down a weight class, having already captured the super-flyweight world title defeating Carlos Cuadras in 2022.

Rodriguez has the opportunity to become the first man from his hometown of San Antonio to win a world championship in two weight classes. He had jumped up in weight to face Cuadras, as he now looks to dominate in his favoured division.

“I’m happy to be back in the ring and do what I love to do.” Rodriguez said at the official press conference. “I have the opportunity on Saturday night to become San Antonio’s first two-weight World champion and that would make the night just that little more special.

“I would have been ready to fight at 115lbs as I entered camp on weight, I just came into camp more disciplined and a little more in shape coming into camp; I’ve had a ten-week camp away from my family, so I’ve sacrificed a lot and come Saturday night it’s going to show.”

Rodriguez later continued in the very same press conference.

I want to go out and show everyone I’m still ‘Bam’ Rodriguez. After my last performance, people wrote me off, so I am ready to do what I do and I’m a different person in that ring. All the belts, all the champions at 112lbs - that’s what I want. Let’s make these fights, give the fans what they want, so step up to the plate and make it happen.”