Jermell Charlo on Tim Tszyu pending WBO title removal: 'A champion that didn’t have to do anything. A spar champion'

Undisputed world super-welterweight champion Jermell Charlo has lashed out at current WBO interim world super-welterweight champion Tim Tszyu as the clock counts until he steps in the ring to face Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez.

The ‘undisputed vs. undisputed’ event sees Charlo step up two weight classes to challenge Canelo for his undisputed super-middleweight mantle at the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, this upcoming Saturday (September 30).

However, the WBO, of whom Charlo has held their respective super-welterweight crown since July of July 2021, will remove their title from Charlo upon the sound of the opening bell. The move comes from the world rating organisation due to Charlo unable/unwilling to oblige his mandatory commitments and face the Australian Tszyu.

The pair were due to meet earlier this year; however, that contest was ultimately postponed due to Charlo sustaining a hand injury in preparation for the then-agreed January 28 fight date.

During the summer, the WBO announced that Tszyu will be elevated to full champion status after Charlo agreed to fight Mexican Alvarez. Charlo only holds on to his undisputed position at 154lbs purely for marketing and promotional purposes.

Charlo spoke to Main Event [broadcaster] of Australia, who asked him how he felt about Tszyu being elevated to full champion status. Charlo was less than complimentary to Tszyu regarding his upcoming inheritance of silverware and blasted Tszyu as nothing more than a ‘spar champion.’

“Right now, Tim Tszyu is considered a paper champion,” Charlo told Ben Damon of Main Event. “If he gets the WBO (belt) and they elevate him, he’s a paper champion. A champion that didn’t have to do anything. A spar champion.

“I had to knock everybody out for my belts. So if Tszyu is watching, hey, don’t be too high up on your horse because you didn’t do nothing in boxing. Of course, I’m going to take a bigger opportunity like Canelo over Tim Ta-Zoo. Who is Tim Ta-Zoo? Australia knows, but not the world of boxing.

“He’s not a legitimate champion. He fought (Carlos) Ocampo. Who is Ocampo? He didn’t fight dog tough, hard, hard fights. So keep on going. Maybe he’ll get the opportunity. But I’m the man. I’m the one who did it in boxing. Tim Ta-Zoo didn’t do nothing in boxing. Tell him to stay humble, keep quiet, and time will tell.”