Jared Anderson Says Flip Got Switched In Jerry Forrest Fight

Heavyweight contender Jared “The Real Big Baby” Anderson has won everyone of his fights by knockout, but his TKO this Saturday against Jerry Forrest that saw Anderson stop the veteran in the second round to win the WBO International and WBC Silver USNBC titles was his most impressive to date.

The story of the fight was simple after the first round Anderson had thrown 114 punches, double that of Forrest and landed 54 punches, most of them being power shots.

Forrest never recovered from the early onslaught and was stopped standing in round two.

“Like my corner said, once I get hit it’s a whole different ballgame,” said Anderson after the fight. “I switch up everything - my mindset, how I fight. Everything! I try to come in cool and calm. I see everybody kind of was expecting him to go out early. I didn’t want that. I did want to get all the way warmed up. But once he did hit me, as ya’ll see, something flipped, and all I saw was red. The 114 punches came and we picked it up.”

What did Anderson take away from the fight, simple experience.

“I learned to keep my composure even earlier. It shouldn’t have to take me to get hit for me to be able to do that. But everything was alright once I started to adjust myself and get my feet up under me. I have been kind of off for a little second, but I definitely think I came back and made it better.