Jared Anderson Could Fight Tyson Fury In 2024, Says Promoter

Top Rank's CEO Bob Arum believes Jared Anderson in one of the pillars of the future for Top Rank Inc. 

The 23-year-old, originally from Toledo, Ohio, but who has relocated to Houston, Texas, is expected to be the next American boxing superstar. Arum thinks so highly of Anderson, he believes Anderson could fight Tyson Fury as soon as 2024. 

“I have my kid, who’s not quite there yet, but by 2024 he’ll be ready [to fight Fury] and that’s Jared Anderson and that will sell out the big stadium in Las Vegas," Arum said when speaking to Talk Sport.

Anderson, who turned pro in Reno, Nevada, in 2019, has had a rise in the sport unlike any other modern heavyweight. The other marquee heavyweight Richard Torrez Jr., an Olympic silver medalist in the 2020 Olympics, who one day will more than likely face Anderson.

“I think Richard Torrez is a great prospect, but he’s still a prospect, whereas I think Jared Anderson has moved from being a prospect to being a contender. I would put him in with anybody because there’s something magic about Anderson," Arum said.“Hopefully Richard Torrez has the same type of ability and charisma going forward, but he’s a baby and he started a number of years after Anderson.”

Anderson fought in December as he stopped a known veteran spoiler, Jerry Forrest in two rounds. It is clear, Anderson’s next fight will be a marquee one, and the goal could be for him to main event as soon as next year.