Jamie Moore: Katie Taylor 'will burn more gas' in rematch with 'confident' Chantelle Cameron

Trainer Jamie Moore returned to Dublin this week to accompany the conquering undisputed super lightweight champion Chantelle Cameron for the unveiling of a rematch with Katie Taylor scheduled for November 25.

He and his charge came face-to-face with the hometown heroin for the first time since defeating Taylor by majority decision this past May. Cameron came in as the underdog last time round, having to take part as a spectator until fight night for Taylor’s grand homecoming.

“I love Dublin, but it’s not ideal we have to come here for the rematch.” Moore said from the Irish capital in an exclusive interview for ProBox TV. “We are not complaining though. It's all done and we have to play with the hand of cards we are dealt.”

Cameron arrived in Dublin this time as many people’s favourite after a convincing victory on away soil. 

“You do have to try and keep everything contained after such a big win.” Moore explained. “I love the fact that she has a bit of a bounce in your step, but she doesn't ever get ahead of herself and get over confident. She isn’t that type of person though because she questions herself a lot, but I can see that getting less and less as she gets more experienced and because of how much she is achieving. Nevertheless, one of the main jobs as a coach, I believe, is to make sure both sides are covered. You have to make sure that fighter has that belief in themselves, but you do have to make sure that if they are getting too much belief in themselves then you try to reign them back a bit and keep them in that middle ground.”

A rematch always posing the question, what can we expect to see differently from Taylor at the second time of asking?

“She has got to do something different!” Moore answered. “If it were me, I would be thinking ‘what would I do and how would I beat my fighters.’ I’ll then come up with a game plan going off, what I would do if I were to fight them. The way I thought Katie would fight Chantelle the first time, I thought she would try to not let her get any momentum. I thought she would start fast and try and build a lead, then she would know Chantelle would finish strong, so she would try to weather the storm late on. She didn’t do that. She actually flipped it the other way. She started slower and then tried to bite back in the middle-to-late rounds.

“I believe she will probably fight this time round how I believed she would fight the first time. Ross [Enamait] I’m assuming will say that she can’t let Chantelle get any momentum and you can’t let her get two or three rounds in the bank, they will have to stop her from doing it. But, I believe by doing that Katie will burn a lot more gas than she would have done in the first fight, which will put us in a stronger position down the line. I just believe it is a case of styles, and Chantelle’s style is always going to overcome Katie’s. We have to make sure we have a bit more intensity this time because we have to assume Katie is going to bring more intensity. We have two perfect guys in the gym, in fact we got three who can replicate Katie’s style. All lads, the vast majority of time I only spar Chantelle with lads. We have Hannah Robinson in-house too, just about to make her pro debut and was on Team GB squad. Everything we need is in the gym, so it’s all perfect.”