Jake Paul’s Team Responds To Carl Froch

This weekend Jake Paul is set to face Tommy Fury on Sunday, February 26th, live from Saudi Arabia, broadcast on ESPN pay-per-view in the United States, and though the two combatants met today and exchanged words another stop would make headlines. 

That of which being hall-of-famer and former world champion Carl Froch, who has been highly critical of Jake Paul as of recently. 

“I think it is fun and a good [expletive] talk,“ said Jake Paul of Carl Froch who stated earlier this week if he landed a right hand on Jake Paul, that Paul’s head would go into orbit, when speaking with IFL TV. “I like the banter, I think [Froch] is a funny guy, but I think he is a little desperate for a payday.”

Paul is currently only a slight favorite over Tommy Fury as the fighter gets closer the odds makers have started to feel the fight is closer. The fact that Paul is still new to the sport of boxing is one of the reason Paul’s coach, BJ Flores is surprised a former world champion would call him out.

“Carl [Froch] is one of my favorite fighters at [168 lbs] period,” stated Paul’s head coach and former prizefighter BJ Flores when speaking to IFL TV. “I am just wondering what has happened recently to make [Froch] call out a guy with only seven [pro] fights. I don’t know what is going on with Carl, I am not sure. I have no comment on that, but I am a little surprised and taken back, but I guess we will see how everything works out."

As for the fight, Paul has stated rather swiftly that he will stop Tommy Fury, and has made no bones in his predictions of what will happen come fight night.

“[Fury] will be unconscious on the canvas,” stated Paul to IFL TV.

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