Jake Paul Open To Tommy Fury Fight In U.K. Under One Condition

Tommy Fury, a cruiserweight, and family member of Tyson Fury, has been campaigning for a Jake Paul fight for some time.

So much so that he even landed the fight but was unable to come to America, which made it so the bout will not happen. Fury went on popular MMA personality, Ariel Helwani’s talk show, The MMA Hour stating that he and Jake Paul could sell 70,000 tickets in the U.K. if it were to happen.

“Yeah, I love going to those crowds because they all boo me, and I shut them up. I like playing the role of the heel, especially in the U.K.,” said Paul on Ariel Helwani’s show later in the program. “There’s definitely interest, I think if his team is taking the financial risk and putting the event on then I’m cool. I just don’t want to take that risk because I think he’s going to back out again, most likely.”

It is quite simple. Paul wants Tommy Fury to put up the finical risk for the fight, as it seems he doesn’t trust Fury completely to make it to the event after his last pay-per-view fight with him was called off.

”It’s an easy fight for me, the kid’s a novice, he’s never even fought anyone good, he’s never even had an eight-round fight,” said Paul “…he doesn’t