Jake Paul Continues

Jake Paul continues to fuel the headlines. Last week, we heard that if he defeats Tommy Fury, he will be allocated a top-40 ranking by the WBC, for his fight taking place Sunday, February 26th, in Saudi Arabia, which will be shown on ESPN+ pay-per-view in the United States, and BT Sport Box Office, in the U.K.

The news brought about a lot of overreactions, one of which being former world champion, and hall-of-famer, Carl Froch who had the following to say and though he didn’t speak on the boxing world rating for Paul, it is rather clear to see how he feels about the issue. 

“I wish he’d call me out. Easy money. All them YouTubers are easy money, let’s be honest, come on,” Carl Froch said to IFL TV when speaking on the trend of influencer boxing. “They can’t fight. Swinging handbags.”

In support of Paul is long-time boxing trainer and boxing analyst Teddy Atlas, who  thinks Paul is doing the necessary steps needed for someone with his level of experience. 

Jake Paul is learning how to behave like a fighter. I dont know that Tommy Fury completely knows that yet. Im gonna put it in context. Tommy Fury is 8-0, and hes got four knockouts. The combined records of all of his eight opponents is 24 wins, 176 losses, and five draws,” Teddy Atlas said when talking about Paul vs Fury on his popular podcast The Fight With Teddy Atlas.[Paul] says to Tommy Fury, Youve fought nothing but taxi drivers…I would add something to that: Theyre very bad taxi drivers. They dont even have a license.”

Well-respected promoter, Eddie Hearn gave his thoughts this past week during Mauricio Lara vs. Leigh Wood fight week, as the legendary and very social promoter made his opinions known, as he sees the ranking as more of a business decision. 

"Sometimes governing bodies have to live in that commercial world as well. Tommy Fury's a proper fighter and Jake Paul would make a statement if he won that fight. Not a statement that he can challenge for a world title, but, ultimately, there's a little bit of publicity in there," Hearn told IFL TV."Is it right? Not really. Because there's fighters that deserve to be in the top 15 much more than Jake Paul, but it's the world we live in."


Jake Paul will be a world ranked fighter with a win over Tommy Fury this Sunday, February 26th in Saudi Arabia. This has gotten a mixed reaction from many involved with the sport of boxing. 

Former world champion and hall-of-fame boxer Carl Froch stated that he wished any YouTube boxer, including Jake Paul would call him out, and furthered that it is easy money. 


Boxing trainer and legend Teddy Atlas views as someone who is learning how to behave like a fighter, and questions whether Tommy Fury completely knows how to behave like a fighter, whereas boxing promoter Eddie Hearn sees Jake Paul’s world ranking as a simply a business decision.


Hearn stated Sometimes governing bodies have to live in that commercial world as well. Tommy Fury's a proper fighter and Jake Paul would make a statement if he won that fight. It appears with a win, Paul will also obtain a world ranking.