"I Hope The Apology Is As Loud As The Disrespect," says Benn

I Hope The Apology Is As Loud As The Disrespect

Reading a room is a skill we all learn as adults for our work lives.

Well, Conor Benn is coming off as a bit entitled.

As we all know two things about Benn 1) Benn is the son of Nigel Benn, a famed pro boxer, and 2) Benn failed a VADA test for Clomid, a drug that is banned across the board in all sports that are used at the end of testosterone cycle.

With reports of a potential second violation occurring in the past, via the Daily Mail, Benn took to his Instagram story to simply say….

“I hope the apology is as loud as the disrespect!”

Benn is hardly a sympathetic figure, as he was set to make millions against Chris Eubank Jr., on a national event in British boxing - instead, his positive drug test ruined the event and should see him suspended. No one did this to him, but himself.

Benn released a statement last week on social media but turned off all the comments, as well has been blocking any-and-all who gives him any type of pushback on failing the test. Worse, Eddie Hearn, Benn’s promoter who bashed Billy Joe Saunders, and Jarrell Miller, now is going against his own words, in an effort to defend Benn.

The whole thing is a PR nightmare, that has to hurt just that much more after how big of a flop Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennadiy Golovkin III was.

Who knows - if Benn is innocent or guilty, but he failed a test, and that should mean something. The big thing is…it appears Benn is not used to hearing no, especially as of yet, and doesn’t like condescending views upon his life.