How Sivenathi Nontshinga Became A Legend After His Fight With Hector Flores

Most people will go through their whole boxing fandom without knowing who Sivenathi Nontshinga is, a tremendous light flyweight, who stands at all of four-feet, and eleven-inches tall. Yet, on September 3rd, the man became a world champion and a legend to many hardcore fight fans, watching across the world for his brave fight against Hector Flores.

For those unaware, it would’ve been easier for Nontshinga to quit than continue and Corey Erdman explained this in great detail in his article on ( on this very fight.

For those who didn’t see the fight it was violent. The two beat each other up and did it again. Nontshinga caught Flores in round two and sent him to the mat. By the ninth round, both were bloody and exhausted.

As Nontshinga was unwilling to go back to South Africa without a world title. In his first world title fight fighting in Mexico, where his opponent was from, Nontshinga left with a legion of new fans as the two gave a bit of themselves to the sport of boxing in a modern classic that the purists will love, and a slew of fight fans won’t even know it existed.

Life at the lower weights can be an uphill battle, but seeing Nontshinga fight so hard was impressive, but it was the words of his coach Colin Nathan in round nine that echoed the final few rounds.

“As hard as it is, you have to be okay with it,” said Coach Nathan.

Nathan has now led Hekkie Butler and Sivenathi Nontshinga to victory on enemy soil in a short period of time.

We watch boxing for moments of greatness, and this is the greatest 108 lbs fight I have ever seen.