Hopefully I can become one of the greats – Meriwether

If Robert Meriwether III achieves anything near what he hopes he is going to, the 18-year-old starlet will have had some career.

Born in Louisville, Kentucky, but a product out of the Mayweather Gym in Las Vegas, Meriwether will have his first fight for ProBox TV on Friday, February 16.

Meriwether is tipped not just for the top, but for big things. He is 4-0 (2 KOs) as a pro and the young super-featherweight had three fights in 2022 but just one last year.

“I feel excited,” Meriwether said of his new start. “There’s a lot of possibilities and endless futures for me, so I’m just glad for a new beginning.”

Is this overdue?

“Yes, it’s a new future for me, so I’m very excited for the new changes. I just want to be as active as they can make me. Hopefully I can fight every other month. The possibilities are endless. It’s been bleak. [But] it’s okay. I’m just ready for the future. That’s all.”

Meriwether talks with an unbridled enthusiasm. The touted former amateur star, known as ‘King’ in the industry, is predicting big things in his future.

“Championships, lots of them,” Meriwether smiled. “Hopefully I can become one of the greatest if not the greatest of all time. That’s my whole goal with boxing… Championships, undisputed championships, two- three-time, four-time, as many as I can.”

Asked about his confidence and his grand plans, he added: “I believe in myself, so that’s all I can do.”

Meriwether will have had one fight in 14 months when the first bell goes for him next month, but he is not in a hurry to impress anyone. He knows his path, and he won’t be defined by the first fight on the next phase of his journey.

“It’s important [to look good] but there’s not any pressure,” Meriwether continued. “I know myself. I know my capabilities and I know I’m a great boxer, I’m going to go out and showcase my talent. I fight Friday, February 16 so I’m really ready for that upcoming fight and I have seen my opponent and I know what I need to work on now.” 

ProBox usually runs its fight series on a Wednesday night, but the Florida commissioners did not want the event on Valentine’s Day, so the date was shifted to the 16th.