Eddie Hearn wants Conor Benn to be treated ‘the same as other fighters’

Eddie Hearn said he was ’surprised’ when he heard the British Boxing Board of Control would reject Conor Benn’s application for a license on talkSPORT.

Robert Smith, of the Board, said last week they would not approve Benn to be licensed to fight Chris Eubank Jr in February in light of two positive doping tests in 2022.

Eubank-Benn was reportedly headed to Tottenham’s football ground on February 3, but the BBBoC’s refusal to grant Benn a licence is a fresh stumbling block.

“I was surprised.” Hearn said of the BBBoC decision exclusively to ProBox TV. “I mean, firstly we got the explanation on talkSPORT rather than to us, which was interesting. I was quite surprised, because legally he won his case with UKAD. His suspension is lifted and he’s cleared to box. But again, it’s a bit boring going backwards and forwards. We just want Conor Benn to be treated the same as other fighters that have been in similar situations, which he is clearly not being treated in the same way. 

“I’m not even talking about my fighters. I’m talking about other world champions, bigger names than Conor Benn, who have failed tests and been treated completely differently. What is different about Conor Benn compared to those fighters? But again, until we make the fight it doesn’t really matter. If we don’t make Benn-Eubank, the conversation is over. Then he goes and takes another fight in America, the Middle East or wherever. But, we do want to do this fight in the UK. This is a British fight, this is the biggest fight in British boxing. It has been nearly two years since Conor Benn has boxed in the UK. It has been a complete mess, and we feel like it is time. But until we get the fight signed, then we see what’s what.” 

The long-running saga has continued for over a year. The two Brits were due to face each other on a DAZN pay-per-view event last year in London, until Benn failed two separate drugs tests. Benn has returned to action since his cancelled fight with Eubank Jr. with a unanimous decision win against Mexican Rodolfo Orozco in Orlando, Florida in September.