Harlem Eubank Drops Miguel Antin Twice To claim Unanimous Points Win

Super-lightweight, Harlem Eubank (17-0, 6 KOs) did not let a late change of opponent quash his momentum at York Hall, London, as he claimed a unanimous points victory over Argentine, Miguel Antin (20-12-1, 8 KOs). Eubank was initially scheduled to face Mexican Christian Uruzquieta. However, the Mexican fell ill and was ruled unfit to fight. Despite the late change of opponent and the issues that might have entailed, Eubank capitalised on headlining on free-to-air television. 

Eubank and Antin opened the fight in a cagey manner, just feeling each other out. The second saw Eubank up the tempo and let his hand speed advantage pepper the Argentine and take the infinitive despite both fighters falling to the floor from some up close roughhousing to each other. 

Round four saw some danger signs for Eubank, who Antin buzzed from several shots, the highlight being a right uppercut which did wobble the legs of the twenty-nine-year-old Eubank.

Eubank would return to boxing behind the jab as Antin attempted to close the distance, but this was just an open invitation for Eubank to use his superior hand speed and target the body of Antin. The Argentine wanted to make the fight messy and use his more oversized frame to capitalise on the inside. 

Eubank would leave his mark on Antin with knockdowns in rounds six and seven, respectively. Both knockdowns came from a flurry of body shots which at this point took the wind out of Antins’s sails following targeted work from Eubank in the previous rounds. 

The eighth and ninth saw Eubank happy to box on the back foot and let the Argentine opponent come forward to allow Harlem to land the more effective and crisper shots. Antin attempted to have one last dice roll in the tenth and final round. Despite his best efforts, Antin could have been more effective, with his work becoming much more laboured. He could not land much, and then Eubank began to work him over for a moment. They were trading punches in the final minute, with both connecting.

Ultimately Harlem Eubank would win across all three scorecards with totals of 99-89, 98-90 and 97-91.

The undercard saw heavyweight Matty Harris (5-0, 4 KOs) need less than a minute to demolish Milos Veletic (2-3). Harris landed two big shots, with Veletic hitting the floor and failing to beat the count of ten.

Super-Welterweight, Abass Baraou (13-1, 9 KOs) picked up his fourth win in a row with a third-round stoppage of Ferenc Katona (11-10), who had his corner throw in the towel to prevent him from taking further damage.

Super featherweight Sophie Alisch (9-0, 1 KO) picked up a six-round decision win over veteran Gemma Ruegg (6-7).