Krzysztof Glowacki given four-year ban from boxing

Polish boxer Krzysztof Glowacki has been suspended for four years.

The ban has come following a failure of Anti-Doping Rule Violations (ADRVs) that saw him test positive for a banned substance. 

Glowacki, the former WBO cruiserweight champion, who won his title from Marco Huck made one defense before losing to Oleksandr Usyk. His title reign was short, and ran from 2015 to 2016. 

Glowacki is 1-3 in his last four fights. All three of his losses have come by way of technical stoppage. His violation occurred nearly a year ago, on January 21, 2023 for his bout against Richard Riakporhe.

Riakporhe stopped Glowacki in the fourth round of their bout at the AO Arena in Manchester. 

Glowacki’s sample after the fight revealed the presence of boldenone and its metabolite, 17β-hydroxy-5β-androst-1-en-3-one, and both are banned substances. 

Glowacki was notified on April 6, 2023. UKAD charged Glowacki with the offense on June 2, 2023 and a decision was made on November 21, 2023. 

Glowacki, 37-years-old, is ineligible for competition until April, 2027