Gervonta Davis Pleads Guilty To Hit-and-Run Case, Will Be Sentenced May 5th

Mixed news came out of a Baltimore courtroom today as Gervonta Davis, fresh off his knockout win over Hector Luis Garcia, on pay-per-view on January 7th, plead guilty, Thursday morning to a hit-and-run incident stemming from November 2020.

As first reported by the Baltimore Sun, Davis will be sentenced on May 5th.

“Boxer Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis was the driver in a November hit-and-run crash in Baltimore that left multiple people injured, according to a police report,” was reported back in February of 2021 by Baltimore CBS affiliate WJZ 13. “…according to the report, the three people inside the Lamborghini fled the scene. It lists four people as being in the Toyota, one of whom suffered a suspected serious injury.”

The ongoing case has lingered over Davis’ career, as Davis is seemingly setting up for the biggest fight of his young career, as he awaits fighting Ryan Garcia, on April 15th, which has not been confirmed, but heavily speculated and all, but confirmed by all parties involved. 

“We have the contract in our possession, and it’s a long form. It’s very detailed. We are just gonna have to cross the T’s and dot the I’s, that’s basically it,” said Oscar De La Hoya, the hall-of-fame fighter, and promoter of Ryan Garcia, to the DAZN Boxing Show on January 24th.“Can I confirm? Obviously not, until it’s official-official, but as a fighter, as a promoter, as a fan that wants to see the fight, I can assure you this fight’s going to happen.”

Though a rematch clause has made public as a point of contention between the two parties, it appears that Davis vs. Garcia now is possible, as Davis will not be sentenced until as stated above until May 5th. The charges Davis will be sentenced for were broken down below, by veteran boxing journalist Jake Donovan. 

“Obviously before this sentencing date, it never made sense to agree to terms before this trial, because if things went sideways today, it could’ve held up everything,” said Jake Donovan of to LazyLefty on Chicken Tawk Radio after the news broke. “The charges [Davis faces] are leaving the scene of accident involving bodily injury, [Davis] settled with three of the four victims. [The remaining alleged victim] is still punishable by one-year in prison, failing to notify property damage carries [a punishment of] 60-days in prison, driving on a suspended license carries up to one-year in prison, and running a red light is a misdemeanor. So, [Davis] could be looking at facing up to 26-months in prison."


Gervonta Davis plead guilty Thursday morning to a 2020 hit-and-run incident in Baltimore, that left multiple people injured. 

Davis will now be sentenced on May 5th, paving the way for a potential mega-fight between himself and Ryan Garcia, which is alleged to be happening on April 15th, yet has not been confirmed or officially announced. 

Both sides have expressed serious interest in the bout.'s Jake Donovan further explained on Chicken Tawk, a podcast ran by internet personality, Lazy Lefty, that the combined charges could land Davis in prison for a maximum of 26-months, with the leaving the scene of accident involving bodily hard carries a sentence of a year, as well as as driving on a suspended license carrying a year, and failure to notify of property damage carrying a leaner sentence of simply 60-days, Donovan broke down.

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