Gervonta Davis Doubts Mental Health As Reason To Not Fight

We’re one week away from Gervonta Davis fight week, so let’s give you Gervonta Davis stories, prior to his marquee pay-per-view against Hector Luis Garcia.

Davis recently opened up, and doubted Ryan Garcia’s publicly documented battles with mental health struggles. 

“You never heard no back-in-the-day fighter talk about mental health,” Davis said at his media workout in Miami “I think boxing people is the most, probably, the most – we need mental health to actually come in the ring and fight and things like that. I think we probably the most, the toughest out of the whole like combat sports. You know what I mean?"

Recently, Stephan Shaw, a heavyweight contender came on's The Boxing Shop, and spoke to mental health in a very serious manner explaining mental health used to be called simply “…being stressed out.”

Davis seems to see it as crutch as every fighter battles demons.

“I feel as though that people just was saying that to get out of stuff. Yeah, like a excuse because I feel as though like we all, to be honest, we all have like mental health . But I think boxing we control it. You know how it is. You know what I mean?”

It is no secret if Davis beats Garcia, that is the fight we’re getting next…so prepare to hear a lot of stories about the two for the next week, and longer. 

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