Fury vs Usyk Off? On? As Promoters Agree To Restart Talks

Overnight (March 21), Egis Klimas (Manager of Oleksandr Usyk, confirmed to respected writer Steve Kim that talks between Oleksandr Usyk & WBC world heavyweight champion had collapsed due to the pair being unable to agree to terms on “material terms” which were essential to the deal for a proposed April 29 undisputed heavyweight showdown at Wembley, London. Promoter, Frank Warren, confirmed that the issues had been down to negotiating a purse split for a proposed rematch clause. This indicates that Usyk, contrary to reports, refused to remove a rematch clause for the bout agreement on which Fury had insisted.

Frank spoke to Talksport, confirming that Klimas confirmed yesterday (March 21) that talks had been called off for a proposed April 29 fight. Frank also revealed that the issues regarding the “calling off” of negotiations are down to a rematch purse split and that Fury had accepted to accept a rematch clause proposed by the team Usyk. 

“No, I’m not confirming it’s off.

“All I’ve had from him [Klimas] officially was an email that said, ‘Gentlemen, hope you’re okay, I’m not going into details, start to blame or point the finger to anyone, but we’d like to officially announce that Team Usyk is out of further negotiations regarding the April 29 fight.

“We got that yesterday, that’s the first we heard of it. We got it all out the way except for one issue and that was the rematch.

“Tyson publicly stated that we should scrap the rematch, this was to simplify the deal. Rematch clauses can be very difficult and Tyson’s been there before when a rematch blocked a fight between him and Anthony Joshua [in 2021] when Deontay Wilder took him to court. That kyboshed that fight with Joshua.

“Anyway, I convinced Tyson to take the rematch [with Usyk] and he did. So I told them on Sunday we’re gonna go with the rematch.

“Then we got into a situation with how the rematch money is gonna be split and that’s what we’ve been working on.

“Why can’t it be overcome if he wants the fight? We want the fight, why can’t it be overcome?… There’s no reason for this fight to be off.”

Warren continued to add that Usyk wants a rematch clause so severely because Fury generates the most money in the heavyweight division. Usyk wants a rematch purse split in line with what he received against Anthony Joshua, a 50/50 purse split agreement. 

“You know why they want the rematch clause? Because it’s two paydays.

“Where are they gonna earn the type of money they can earn fighting Tyson twice?

“They aren’t gonna get that type of money to fight Filip Hrgovic, Joe Joyce or Daniel Dubois [Usyk’s three mandatory challengers].

“But Tyson brings a lot of money to the table, that’s why they want it.

“We are willing to take the same deal as what they did for their rematch with Anthony Joshua.

“I know what that deal is, so we’ll go with that, no problem with that.”

Usyk’s promoter, Alex Krayssuk, joined Frank on Talksport and revealed that has was willing to continue negotiations with Fury; however, Usyk had informed Klimas and Krayssuk to halt negotiations. 

“It’s not me, it’s Usyk who cannot stand it anymore, who does not want to compromise anymore.

“He compromised for 70/30 because he wanted this fight to happen, but it was not about Tyson Fury, it’s about the WBC belt.

“I want to thank Frank and Queensberry for making everything possible, everything that was in their power, the same that we did in our power. This is not their fault. He did (Warren) everything possible to make it happen.”

In response, Warren on air stated that he would contact Krayssuk today in a final bid to get a deal agreed upon. Warren will keep negotiations open for two days maximum before he and Fury walk away from negotiations for the fight for good. 

“I still believe this fight can be made and I believe with the will of everybody concerned, we can get it over the line and that’s what I’m trying to do.

“As soon as we finish with you guys (Talksport), we’re gonna get back on the phone together, Alex and I.

“We’re gonna have a chat and if we can do this, we’re gonna come back to you and tell you we’ve done a deal.

“We’ve probably got about a day, maybe two days, then we’re done.”

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