Tyson Fury tells WBC President Sulaiman he’s ready to continue Usyk preparations

Tonight, the eyes of the sporting world were supposed to be focused on Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, with Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk fighting to unify the heavyweight titles.

But after Fury was cut in sparring three weeks ago, the fight was postponed and will now take place on May 18.

WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman has been in London this weekend, lamenting what might have been while visiting Repton Amateur Boxing Club and speaking to members of the media.

Discussing the cut and subsequent postponement, Sulaiman told Boxing Social: “It’s boxing. It happens, and I’m sure it’s going to be an even bigger fight now. The frustration they both have to endure, so much sacrifice, so much patience, so much work put in, and then one cut and everything is delayed. 

“But they’re back in the gym. I spoke to Tyson a couple of days ago. He’s fine, he’s ready to continue and it’s going to be one of the best events in the history of boxing on May 18.”

The last time two heavyweights unified the belts was when Lennox Lewis defeated Evander Holyfield a quarter of a century ago, and Usyk’s team fumed when news of the wound broke out. Sulaiman explained why he felt Usyk’s manager Egis Klimas and promoter Alex Krassyuk fumed at the delay. 

“It’s only the heated state of mind,” Sulaiman said. “So much is on the line. This is a fight that has not taken place in 25 years, it’s a fight that has tried to take place for the past five years – with making an undisputed heavyweight champion – now that it’s here, from one little moment [incident], it’s out. It’s the heat of the moment, it will be okay.”

Sulaiman added that the WBC has supported both the first time Usyk and Fury fight, and the contracted rematch between WBC ruler Fury and IBF, WBA and WBO champion Usyk, and the WBC president talked about the possibility of using video replays for the heavyweight showdown in May.

“The WBC has had instant replay for 12 years,” Sulaiman said. “We have a protocol, a clear process of how to do things. It is mostly intended for fight-ending situations that are controversial.”