Senad Gashi is best known for probably the wrong reasons. The scenes after his fight with Tom Schwarz went viral resulting in disqualification and the consecutive losses to Derek Chisora and Carlos Takam spring to most boxing fans minds. Coincidently, they are the only three losses on his record that stands at (24-3, 23 KOs), Gashi has since gone undefeated in eight fights.

The so called ‘Gachine Gun’ was born in Albania, raised in Russia and now resides in Germany. Gashi was signed to German outfit Universum, but has since moved on and is looking to claim glory in the WBC’s newly formed Bridgerweight division, currently sitting at #10 in the rankings.

“I fought this last weekend in Germany, I dropped the guy six or seven times. I made him dance a little bit for me, it was nice. It was at bridgerweight again, I’m ranked at a number ten, so we will see what is coming. There are some strong fuckers ahed of me, but I would love to fight this Alen Babic, I think it is a cool fight. A counter puncher against an aggressive boxer. He’s a funny guy, he’s also a bit too small for a real heavyweight.”

A No Contest glares at you as you read Gashi’s Boxrec profile. The Albanian southpaw came in as a late replacement to face the undefeated Hussein Muhamed in Hamburg for the WBC International Silver Heavyweight title over a year ago.

“He failed a drug test! They said it was from food contamination, but what is crazy is that Avni Yildrim failed for the same substance a few months before. They just so happen to have the same manager.

“It’s a joke, they banned him for six months! He only fights every four or five months, so the ban is pointless, it’s not really a ban. At the moment, the whole scene is on juice! Some get caught, some not.”

Our conversation naturally turned towards the Conor Benn situation.

“It looks like half of England is on juice! Tyson Fury got caught too, people have a bad brain there. Even Dillian Whyte, a lot of them manage to avoid the media with this. They end up getting a ban for just a few months because they have good connections with the federations, so nobody knows in the end. It’s very hard to control, they need to more testing, but who pays for all this?”


Senad Gashi has let the Gachine Gun rip all over the world. He is now aiming it at the UK, where fellow bridgerweight Alen Babic ply’s his trade.

“UK is the country of boxing. The fans are great, some of them don’t understand it well, but they love it. They have a good system over there, the promoters work hard to get TV deals and the fans even know what their favourite sex position is. Everywhere else, nobody knows who the fuck they are.”

Outside of the ring Senad Gashi has been travelling the globe with a camera crew making short docu-style films on his channel Ringfluencer. 

“This is my main mission. I’m checking into gyms all over, I introduce the facilities and interview the trainers. I do this because most people want go to gym, but they don’t go because they are afraid, they think they will get beaten up. I give people the first step with my channel, it shows people boxing is not just about brutality. We have been to fifteen countries, I want to take it to every country in the world.”

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