EXCLUSIVE: Ricards Bolotniks - Slams Craig Richards, But Lands Gvodzyk Fight In Mexico

Latvian light heavyweight Ricards Bolotniks (19-6-1) got the call he was dreading and somewhat expecting two weeks ago.

“This guy man! I don’t understand. He was never straight with me, even the last time we were meant to fight he pulled out two days before. I don’t like to be disrespectful, but I’m not impressed with Craig Richards. Again!”

A fortnight ago Ricards Bolotniks was made aware that his highly anticipated fight with Craig Richards would be cancelled for the second time in short succession.

Bolotniks has become a bit of a UK fan favourite after tearing through a small section of the light heavyweight division in the MTK Golden Contract between 2019 and 2020, in a tournament many thought he was there to only make up the numbers. A fight between Craig Richards and Richard Bolotniks had become quite appetising to boxing fans.

“I saw Craig doing an interview a few weeks ago, he was moaning about me sending him messages. I wasn’t sending anything nasty to him, I just needed to know what was going on! I’ve been in camp for that guy since October, it costs a lot of money for me and my team to get me prepared for that long.

Despite the anguish, Ricards Bolotniks has somewhat landed on his feet since the devastating news of his cancelled fight. The Latvian lion will now head to Guadalajara, Mexico on Cinco de Mayo weekend to square off with former world champion Oleksandr Gvozdyk (18-1) for Canelo Alvarez’ homecoming.

“I’m at home and I’m down, very unhappy with all that has happened. Then out of nowhere my promoter calls me and offers me the Gvozdyk fight! I was so happy, I started working on the bag I have in my house immediately after. I put he phone down and got to work!

“Look! He’s a great fighter, he was hanging out with Usyk and Lomachenko getting a Bronze medal at the Olympics for his country. He beat Adonis Stevenson for the WBC title, he’s my toughest opponent so far in my career. But! If I was going to fight him, now would be the best time. I’m in no way underestimating him, but it’s been over three years since he had a real fight. All the time he was out of the ring, I was fighting some of the best fighters in my division. It will be very interesting to see what he’s being doing with Eddy Reynoso.”

Riga, Latvia is far cry from Guadalajara, Mexico. Different weather, language and culture on the other side of the world. However, Ricards Bolotniks is relishing the trip south of the border.

“I know the Mexican fans will love my boxing, my style is perfect for them. Oleksandr is going to have a tough night. There will be fifty thousand Mexican fans screaming my name at the end of the fight. I’m going to have to break a lot of Mexican ladies hearts because they will love me so much they will all be throwing their phone numbers at me after the fight. I’m a happily married man of course and won’t do anything, but it’s just something I will have to get used to when I am there.

“Mexico has never seen a Lion like me before! I can’t wait to get in the ring with a fighter I really respect, beat him and then I’m coming for a world title.”