John Ryder Confirms He's Ready to Take on Canelo Alvarez in May and Share Mexican Ring Battle

John Ryder is deep in camp as he prepares to cause the shock of 2023 with a win not just on away soil, in Mexico, but against the man many see as the best fighter in the sport, Canelo Alvarez.

“The Gorilla” is riding high after victories over Danny Jacobs and Zach Parker last year, and the sense of occasion whet Ryder’s appetite when he came face-to-face with the Mexican on the two-city media tour to announce the contest last month.

The Ryder vs. Canelo fight will occur in Guadalajara on May 6.

“The contract was signed a few weeks prior and then it was the press tour, but for me, growing up watching [HBO’s] 24/7 with [Floyd] Mayweather, it’s just a surreal experience,” Ryder explained. 

Ryder Is Living Dream as He Takes on Canelo Alvarez Despite Being Considered a Significant Underdog

For Ryder, it’s a dream come true. Yes, he is a considerable underdog but the Tony Sims-trained southpaw is knowledgeable and well educated in boxing, it’s history and how it works. Now he’s ready to make history of his own and he is looking forward to taking on the lion in the lion’s den.

Ryder, 34, called the Estadio Akron, where he will do battle, “impressive” and was pleasantly surprised by the welcome he was given for his supporting role on the tour.

“It wasn’t too hostile,” Ryder said, of the reception he received. “I’m sure it will change in the coming weeks and, once fight week arrives, I’m sure there’ll be a few more not so niceties about. I think the Mexican fans are just fans, regardless of him [Canelo] being their hero, they just want to see a bloodfest. They want to see an absolute tear up, so I think they’ll appreciate the fight.”

Ryder and Canelo Keep It Civil During Tour

As far as the two fighters are concerned, Ryder and Canelo did not exchange compliments, but there were no hostilities and there was no animosity on the tour. That will change on May 6, but Canelo and Ryder were professional with one another. 

“I think there’s no need for bad blood,” said Ryder. “You don’t have to hate someone to get in there and want to beat them, I feel like I box better when I’m clear-headed and just focused on boxing. We didn’t talk or shake hands, there wasn’t any of those niceties. We both know it’s go time.”

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