EXCLUSIVE: Jarrell Miller "Eddie Hearn Is An Emotional Woman!"

There has been a gluttony of social media abuse thrown in the direction of Jarrell Miller since his failed drug tests in the lead up to a mega-money bout with Anthony Joshua. When posed with the question - are you clean? Jarrell Miller responded defiantly.

The 26-0-1 American heavyweight continued “Eddie Hearn is a hypocrite! He is working with guys who have had failed way worse drugs tests than I had. Canelo, Povetkin, Dillian Whyte and this new kid Conor Benn. All depends if you are on his team or not.”

This past weekend saw Jarrell Miller reinstate himself as a contender in the heavyweight division, defeating Lucas Browne within 6 rounds during a wild night in Dubai.

“The love was big out there! Definitely going to be fighting out there again this year. It’s a wonderful country, I had a great experience. I take my hat off to Lucas Browne, he came ready and he came to bang. He surprised me a little bit actually! He’s definitely got more left in the tank.”

Fans and pundits alike were dubious as to wether the 43 year-old Lucas Browne should still be allowed to enter the ring. Miller had a contrasting point of view.

“Look! No man who has never stepped in the ring has the right to tell another man that he has to give up on his dreams and ambitions. Fighting is up and down, in all other sports you are allowed to win and lose and still continue your career. These people need to shut up! Some days are good and some days are bad, it’s just the same in boxing. Like I said, some guys just don’t show up on the night. But Lucas definitely showed up, he has lot more to give for the game.”

Whether you like or not, Jarrell Miller is back in the heavyweight mix with plenty of unfinished business in the UK. Miller certainly didn’t need prompted on this subject.

“I’m the only American in the division that anybody cares about, who talks that shit, who can back it up. When I get in the ring I throw leather! That Anthony Joshua is a pussy and punk! He got his ass beaten by (Andy) Ruiz, he got his ass beat by (Oleksandr) Usyk and now he’s fighting a guy who came off a loss. He better win against Jermaine Franklin or he better call it quits. But if he gets the win? We have unfinished business!

“Think about it. Who else is there for him to really fight? We know he’s not going to fight Deontay Wilder, he will get his head knocked off. Nobody really wants to see him fight Dillian Whyte, we don’t want to see that bullshit. So who is really left? We have bad blood, he needs to step up. I hear he won’t take the fight from his pimp Eddie Hearn. Joshua lives in Eddie Hearn’s pocket. He should be his own boss! But Hearn is the pimp and Joshua is the ho.”

Miller continued with his jovial attack.

“Eddie is like an emotional woman. Some woman have everything done for them, the husband or boyfriend pays for everything, they don’t really understand how the real world works and get veryemotional when they don’t get what they want. Eddie has never really had to work hard for anything in his life, he got a hand-me-down form his Dad. But I do still have a bit of love for Eddie, he’s a cool dude. But when it comes to business, he does it shitty. He has flopped in America, in American eyes they are a bunch of bitches.”

So who will be Jarrell Miller’s next foe and when?

“I’m looking to get back in May or June. We are trying to finalise some stuff for Daniel Dubois, but we will see. I’m taking a week off now to deal with some family stuff, then I’m back in the gym. Im not wasting any time.”