Eubank Sr reveals details of split from son

Chris Eubank is no longer involved in his son Chris Eubank Jr’s career and has not been directly involved for three years. 

Eubank Sr says the split came through his son wanting to be in charge of his career and to become “his own manager”. He had previously been an influential figure, which involved him being animated in his son’s corner, and vocal at press conferences. 

He revealed that it was his son who made the decision to move on from their partnership. 

“He is his own manager – he asked me to leave,” Eubank Sr told IFLTV. “He [Jr] said, ‘Dad, I want to do it my way now.’ This was about three years ago. So the time you would’ve heard him say, ‘My dad seems to have gone missing’ – it was around that time. I didn’t go missing; he said, ‘I’m the boss, I want to do it my way now’.”

Eubank Sr also said that his interpretation of their father-son relationship means that he will never accept his son’s authority, but that he will always be available to help with advice and guidance – if asked. 

“Well, if you’re the boss, and I’m a boss, then we have to split because I am the boss,” Eubank Sr said. “A son cannot be a boss over his dad. That would make one of us a moron, and I’m not a moron. So obviously, I moved and done and went and did the things that I was doing. And I thank him for taking the bull by the horns because now he can see how not just difficult – how impossible – it is to be in this game and rise without a man like me.

“It’s not ego, it’s my experience. My experience put him in a place he could never have got to, and my love and advice are still there for him. But like I said, all he has to do is have the humility to come and ask. 

“I’m no longer volunteering. I volunteered all my life, or all his life, for him. No more volunteering. You have to come now and ask.”