Eubank Jr. Feels He Is Too Big For Benn

Chris Eubank Jr. has made it clear he feels vastly superior to Conor Benn, and it begins with the size difference.

The two who are sons of famed boxing legends, Chris Eubank Jr., is the son of Chris Eubank, and Conor Benn is the son of Nigel Benn will renew their family feud with the next generation, on October 8th, at the 02 Arena in London, England, with the super middleweight Eubank Jr. having to make a 157 lbs catchweight to meet the welterweight Benn in the middle.

“…the crazy thing about this is that seven out of the ten interviews that I’ve watched Chris Eubank is going to get knocked out in the seventh or ninth round or he’ll lose on points, it’s incredible,” said Eubank Jr. dumfounded to BBC 5 Live Boxing. “Conor believes this. I saw this thing where he said he’ll be the first person to stop me.”

To put the weight difference in perspective, the heaviest Benn has ever weighed for a fight was 148 1/2 pounds against Josef Zahradnik in April of 2019. Now compare that to Chris Eubank Jr. who fought JJ McDonagh at 168 pounds in September of 2018. The lowest weight Eubank Jr. has ever made as a pro was in November of 2014 against Billy Joe Saunders in which he made 159 1/4 pounds.

“It doesn’t worry me,” said Eubank Jr. “So even if I ‘m not a 100% even if I’m 60% I don’t see how he can beat me.”

So now the question is simple: Is Eubank Jr. overconfident in making the weight and keeping his strength or will he make it fine and be the bigger man?

Regardless, this is shaping up to be the biggest fight of the fall in the United Kingdom.

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