Harlem Eubank: My last name always motivates my opponents

Harlem Eubank continues on his “path” towards hopefully the highest reaches of boxing. Friday night he fights on the undercard of Lee McGregor Vs Erik Robles Ayala in Edinburgh against Birmingham’s Ishmael Ellis.

“This is my first time in Edinburgh, I’m excited to be boxing here and ready to put on a show.” Eubank said in an exclusive interview with ProBox TV. “It has been locked in for a while, but was announced a little late. It is always a test when opponents come to fight me, it is always a test. They are coming to try and take that name. That last name, they hear that and it motivates them. When they hear it they try to box out of their skin. It always brings entertainment.”

The name! Eubank's surname has been passed down from his uncle Chris Eubank and the mantle has also been carried by his cousin Chris Eubank Jr. However, Harlem goes slightly under the radar compared to his family members, but the name is household no matter who carries it with some weight.

“I’ve got to keep making improvements and work on what I’m drilling in the gym.” Eubank continued. “Life is good, I’m improving and I’m happy. I’m 17-0 now, driving through the ranks and improving with each and every performance. It’s a good path to be on.”

Last time ProBox TVspoke with Eubank he made clear his desire to head Stateside. Fast moving into the realm of a contender that dream could be not too far down his path.

“I hope we can fight in America soon.” Eubank said. “I love the states and want to be fighting out there. You see the bright lights and the All Access’s, it is very motivating. I grew up watching the fights over there, and as I’ve said before, I'm sure it can happen in the near future.``

I pressed Eubank on; which American fighter would be top of his Christmas list?

“There are a lot of guys knocking around at 135 and 140 [pounds].” He answered. “There are a lot of guys moving up from 135 to 140, so it is a hot division. I look at these guys and relish these types of challenges. Teofimo [Lopez] is the man at the minute, but it is always changing. One of them have a good performance and the others tailor off. It is all about styles, styles make fights and that’s what boxing is all about. There is some great talent and great showmen at this weight class. This should make for some good story lines and big nights.”

There was a clear and at times unnerving focus from Eubank, who spoke with a huge smile when discussing his attempted climb to the top. However, compared to the two Chris's, a more measured man stood in front of me. Less the entertainer on camera, solely focused on improving his craft, it was clear that was his only trail of thought when speaking. 

"I take the same mindset into every fight." Eubank added. "Everything else is irrelevant from the time you enter the ring to the time you exit. That's my mindset."