Stephen Espinoza confirms PBC in discussions for second broadcast agreement

Stephen Espinoza has indicated that PBC remains in discussions to secure another broadcasting agreement with a “more traditional network” that will run alongside its agreement with Amazon Prime. 

PBC’s former broadcaster, Showtime, decided to leave boxing after a successful 37-year run and in December, PBC confirmed a broadcast deal with streaming giant Amazon Prime. The multi-year deal sees Prime broadcast both pay-per-view and non-pay-per-view broadcasts in the United States and in several international territories. 

However, Espinoza, the former president of sports at Showtime, revealed that PBC is locked in talks to land a further broadcast agreement that will supplement its current arrangement with Amazon Prime. 

Espinoza has indicated that he has been involved in negotiations alongside PBC, not only in helping secure a primary broadcaster but also in search of additional broadcasters and networks to handle PBC requirements for dates.

“You name a network, PBC talked to them.” Espinoza told The Boxing Voice. “Some of the talks I was involved with, and some of them I wasn’t involved in. Everyone got an opportunity to speak with PBC.

“There are still opportunities and conversations ongoing with PBC, and it would not surprise me at all if something got added alongside this [Amazon deal] regarding PBC going onto a second network.”

Espinoza indicated the promotional entity is in talks with more “traditional broadcasters and networks” and insisted PBC can support other broadcasting agreements due to the number of fighters on their roster.

“With the number of talents which PBC has, there is more than enough within PBC to support two different broadcasting platforms and agreements,” Espinoza added. “There are certainly traditional channels and traditional networks that are in conversations with PBC. However, I hesitate to say if an announcement is due soon, on this day, or by that date.

“But real conversations are going on, and there is definite interest from some of the more traditional networks in acquiring a PBC package.”