Jaron Ennis files lawsuit against NOW Boxing

Jaron 'Boots' Ennis, the undefeated IBF welterweight titlist, finds himself in another battle only this time it is in the courtroom.

Ennis has filed a three-count lawsuit against NOW Boxing, with the claim that the promotional company breached their contract, according to Jake Donovan of 

The suit was filed on February 7 in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and is seeking $1,000,000.

The crux of the complaint revolves around Ennis’ inability to stay active. Ennis had a set number of fights agreed upon in a 2019 contract with NOW Boxing. The contract was a four-year deal. 

Ennis has boxed 10 times in five years but the contract laid out he would fight four times in each of the first two years, and three times each in the third and four years.

Ennis stated that NOW Boxing had not offered him any fights since his last bout on July 9 2023. That fight ended in a 10th-round victory for Ennis over Roiman Villa in Atlantic City. 

Ennis also questioned NOW Boxing's promoter licensing status, and explained they were only aware of Kellie Dunkin's involvement 13 days after the passing of Cameron Dunkin, who was the head of NOW. Kellie is Cameron’s widow.

This isn’t the first legal issue for Ennis. The Philly based fighter had an issue with Victory Boxing four years prior.