Exclusive: Regis Prograis Coach Hopes Jack Catterall Fight Can Happen

Bobby Benton, the coach of Regis Prograis, has long been consider one of the best in the sport, even if it was only amongst the purist and those who live the sport. The man, who has offered to his duties in boxing with famed cut man Aaron Navarro as community service, more so than anything else now has two of the twenty ranked fighters in the world with Regis Prograis and O'Shaquie Foster. 

With failed attempts to make fights with Top Rank’s Jose Ramirez, and Teofimo Lopez, now the Prograis side is eager to pursue a fight with Jack Catterall, the man who lost out on his Josh Taylor rematch after most people felt that Catterall should’ve won the fight, and been the undisputed super lightweight world champion

“If they’d give us the guys [we’d be in the running for fighter of the year],” said Bobby when speaking exclusively with this reporter, when asked if Regis Prograis will ever win fighter of the year. “It is frustrating, but at the same time it is boxing. We still just got move on, we can’t sit and cry, and [wonder] how come [Jose] Ramirez didn’t fight us, [Ramirez] is fighting [Richard] Commey, which to me is another mismatch, and then Teofimo [Lopez] & [Josh] Taylor, which is a good fight.”

Veteran Texas coach, who has worked with Regis Prograis for what it seems like forever as Prograis would proclaim many years ago that his coach Bobby Benton would one day be a household name, is fulfilling his fighters prediction. The hope that lingers is Jack Catterall, who recently lost out on his Josh Taylor rematch.

"I've lost all confidence in [Josh Taylor] now. Numerous times he's pulled out the fight and this time was the cherry on top, pulling out the fight and then a week later announcing negotiations with [Teofimo Lopez] at 140lbs. I don't like the sound of it so it's time to focus on me. I've got a family to feed and I want to go and win world titles,” said Catterall this week via a publicly circulated press release. ”The talks are ongoing now [with Regis Prograis]. We've had communication with his [Prograis’] team. I believe we're not too far off. As long as Regis is happy and accepts the fight I don't think we're a million miles away now. That fight between me and Prograis is a massive fight, WBC world title and it's one that I want to get my hands on. So this is a message to Prograis: let's get it on. I'm not ducking anyone, I'm coming directly to you,"

The declaration is welcomed by Bobby Benton who has made it clear that a fight with Catterall is one that all parties involved with Regis Prograis are welcome to entertaining.

“I hopeful that the Catterall fight can be made,” said Benton from a fight hotel last week.

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