Edgar Berlanga Wanted To Move At A Pace Top Rank Wasn’t Comfortable With

Super middleweight Edgar Berlanga had bigger dreams than the company, Top Rank Inc., saw fruitful for him. 

“We had a different philosophy and we didn’t want to hold him back,” Arum explained when talking with the very popular iD Boxing YouTube channel. “…he is bound and determined to proceed at a pace that we don’t think he’s ready for. He thinks differently, and I wish all the luck in the world. He’s a nice young man. Father’s a nice guy, but we just have a different philosophy of where he’s going.”

Berlanga famously won all sixteen of his fights by first-round KO, but has since gone to a decision in his last four fights. Some might say, each performance has not built on the last during this period. 

Jesse Hart, a former super middleweight world title contender took to social media to explain that the issue stems from Berlanga not wanting to face him. Though neither Top Rank nor Berlanga have confirmed this.

Since his free agency, both Matchroom Boxing and Golden Boy Promotions have shown interest in Berlanga and over the weekend, Berlanga posted a photo with his team and Eddie Hearn on a private jet. 

As of now, the future for Berlanga’s fighting career is undecided.