Eddie Hearn Gives Thoughts On Adrien Broner vs. Michael Williams Jr.

After a successful fight promotion for Eddie Hearn, he hosted a media scrum after the event talking with all the pundits in which Adrien Broner will face Michael Williams Jr., on a BLK Prime PPV, at the end of February. 

Hearn had suggested a fight between Adrien Broner and Conor Benn a few years back, prior to Benn tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs, which now has stalled his career for the time being. 

“Who knows,” said Hearn when speaking to reporters, when someone asked him if Broner has anything left in his career. “One thing is [Broner] is getting paid. So congratulations to him, and I like Adrien Broner I think he is a character.”

Despite being pessimistic about Broner’s future in the sport of boxing, Hearn fondly reflected on a young Adrien Broner as one of the best of his era. 

“I have no idea about the fight, and no idea about how he will look - but probably not very good,”  “I will tell you one thing. I remember watching Adrien Broner when we had Gavin Rees against him in Atlantic City [New Jersey], it was probably like ten years ago, when Adrien Broner was a 135 lbs fighter was an incredible fighter. [Broner] was one of the best fighters I had ever seen in my life [when Hearn saw Broner fight at lightweight].”

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