Eddie Hearn Believes That Fury Will Now Fight Manuel Charr Over AJ Blockbuster

Matchroom Boxing’s Eddie Hearn believes that one of the most rumoured and hotly anticipated fight will no longer take place. Talks had been ongoing between WBC World heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury and the former unified world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua. A provisional deal had been agreed before a physical contract was sent to Anthony Joshua, 258 management and Hearn, however, Edward not has serious doubts regarding the proposed December 3rd showdown. Hearn speaking post-weigh to Matchroom’s event in Nottingham scheduled for Saturday 24th believes that Fury is now aiming for a fight with former WBA champion Manuel Charr and cited issues with the proposed contract. Hearn’s comments came after Fury launched an attack on Joshua via social media and speaking to IFLTV, Edward didn't hide his feelings.

“I think Tyson Fury is going to end up fighting Manuel Charr in all honesty after the more i think about it and see stuff (on social media). We (all parties) have agreed to work hard on a contract for the fight. We got the contract sent last Friday/Saturday and it was all over the place since then we have had calls as late as yesterday (22nd September) getting the contract in the right place (for AJ). I think that (Fury/Warren/Top Rank) seem to want us to run out of time to agree on a deal for the fight. We are not just going to sign a contract which isn't even in its correct format which is not in the best interests of Anthony Joshua.

“That is not for people to say that we are asking for too much because the terms have been agreed upon. Now we have to get into a position in negotiating with broadcasters and honestly hand on heart i feel that Tyson Fury is just going to say this is taking too long (in making the fight). The fight takes place on December third and it sells itself in less than 24 hours here there or anywhere. There cannot be any time constraints because the deal has got to be right (in contract format). AJ is already training for Tyson Fury as we speak but when i see things like that (from Fury) then i do have my doubts.”

To add further speculation to Fury fighting Charr, Shane Fury believes that his brother will now fight Manuel Charr instead on December 3rd.

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