Diego Pacheco Exclusive: I Want The Winner Of John Ryder vs. Zach Parker

An interview with Lukie, Diego Pacheco, a top super middleweight contender signed with Matchroom Boxing made it clear he wants the big names in his division.

“When I was training with my old coach, he would pull a lot of fights away from me that was offered to me by Matchroom, and I didn’t like that,” said Pacheco explaining why he switched to Jose Benavidez Sr. as his head coach. “We got to start early, we got take these fights early, we can’t build a big record and then want to take on the top guys. We got to work our way there from the start, and that’s another reason why I came with [Jose] Benavidez Sr. because Benavidez likes taking those risks. David [Benavidez] fought for a world title at twenty years old.”

As for who Pacheco wants it is clear as day.

“The guy who just beat Jacobs - Ryder,” said Pacheco.

When informed that Zach Parker and John Ryder will be fighting on November 26th, Pacheco explained quickly.

“That’s what’s up. I’ll have to watch that for sure, those are potential opponents, for sure."

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