De La Hoya talks up Canelo vs Munguia: 'Imagine Jaime beating Ryder and a potential Canelo fight?'

Golden Boy Promotions boss Oscar De La Hoya says Jamie Munguia is on a collision course with Canelo Alvarez if he successfully defeats former Canelo opponent John Ryder on January 27.

Munguia, a former super-welterweight world champion, faces a considerable step-up in opposition in the form of Ryder, who went twelve rounds with Canelo in May and produced a valiant effort in an attempt to dethrone the undisputed king at 168-pounds.

Munguia opened the press conference this week, which was held at GBP headquarters in Los Angeles, saying that he is confident in his ability to claim a knockout victory over Ryder, something which Canelo failed to do even though many predictions that he would stop the battle-hardened Brit in Guadalajara, Mexico.

“Ryder is a great opponent, and I know that this fight will open many doors,” Munguia said. “I am not desperate for a knockout of John Ryder. I feel like I have the capabilities, and I am fully prepared and trained to knock him out. If it happens, it will happen naturally.”

Supporting Munguia in the corner is the world-renowned Freddie Roach, with Munguia linking up with Roach following a parting of ways with former trainer and Hall of Famer Erik Morales.

Despite only working together for only a few weeks, Roach said he was impressed by Munguia, complimenting his punching ability, his work ethic and his fitness, stating that “He’s (Munguia) ready to go 12 rounds every day of the week.”

De La Hoya conceded that he has matched Munguia tough for the fight with Ryder in Pheonix, Arizona. However, he expects an exciting fight when the pair step into the ring, customary with Munguia’s previous fights.

“He’s in a very difficult fight against John Ryder,” said promoter Oscar De La Hoya. “There is nothing easy with Jaime Munguia. He loves trading. He’s in exciting fights every single time he goes out.”

Despite the challenge in Ryder, De La Hoya spoke confidently about Munguia’s chances in the super-middleweight division, predominantly due to Munguia’s new working relationship with Roach.

“I don’t want to speak for [Roach and Munguia], but if I were them, I would want to finish the job [Alvarez couldn’t] and knock out Ryder,” said De La Hoya. “He has the power, talent, work ethic, vision. But more importantly, now, he has the corner in Freddie Roach, who will take him to the next level. Jaime Munguia – the future is today. Believe me when I say this – Jaime Munguia will challenge everybody. The 168-pound division is on notice.”

De La Hoya could not resist discussing a prospective fight between Munguia and Canelo, whom he had previously promoted before parting ways.

“Imagine Jaime beating Ryder and a potential Canelo fight? It would be a huge honor to be involved in that as a promoter for an all-Mexican duel. Jaime is very close. Obviously, it’s all up to Canelo Alvarez. Like he says, he’s the king and chooses whoever he wants to fight. But Jaime is chipping away to get notice and recognition to be at the top, so maybe one day Canelo can choose him to fight.”