David Morrell willing to face Benavidez if Canelo fight doesn't happen, says Bob Santos

Super middleweight David Morrell is the talk of the super middleweight division. His first-round knockout of late-replacement Yamaguchi Falcao saw him take advantage of being in the co-main event of the Gervonta Davis versus Ryan Garcia pay-per-view fight card.

Now it is the waiting game for Morrell and his team. Morrell, along with David Benavidez are waiting to see what the undisputed super middleweight champion, Canelo Alvarez does. Though it is unlikely, Morrell will land a Canelo fight, David Benavidez and his team are pursuing a fight with Canelo. ProBox TV News talked to Benavidez’s promoter last week about this situation.

Bob Santos, who is a part of the team of David Morrell, but does not serve as his head coach, as that is Ronnie Shields, shed some insight on the situation.

“Hopefully a fight with [David Benavidez] is a fight that can be made, I don’t see why it couldn’t be made,” said Bob Santos to ProBox TV News. “They both fight under the PBC umbrella. They are both at their apex, in terms of their age, youth, and a lot of people say Morrell doesn’t have the experience. He has an extensive amateur career, and you can look at the fact, he didn’t fight in four-or-six-round fights. He jumped right into ten-round fights. He already has got good experience [with a lot of] rounds at a higher level than most.”

Morrell has less than ten fights as a professional and is already a consensus top-five talent in the division. Morrell currently occupies the perfect spot to be avoided in the sport of boxing - high risk, low finical reward - or as you hear in the boxing gyms, high risk, low reward. So, Morrell is waiting to see what fight can come his way.

Santos is extremely reasonable when it comes to David Benavidez going after Canelo Alvarez. Santos believes that Benavidez has earned the right to face Canelo, but if Canelo, who is the big-money fighter in the division goes in another direction, Morrell will be happy to provide him a fight.

“Benavidez has earned the right to fight Canelo [Alvarez],” said Santos. “I don’t know if that [fight is] going to come about. If it doesn’t come about, I don’t see [any reason] why [Morrell versus Benavidez] couldn’t be made. The winner of that fight should a million percent be on a head-on collision with Canelo.”

The thing we have yet to hear about Morrell is his physical gifts. Rarely do we think of boxers as great athletes, people who can shine in every sport. Often boxers, are great at boxing, and somewhat limited in other sports. Santos glowed about Morrell’s athletic ability which is the best he has ever seen in any pro athlete.

“Morrell is a physical freak,” said Santos. “If he wasn’t boxing, he’d be the centerfielder for the [New York] Yankees, he’d be a safety or a receiver in the NFL, or a point guard in the NBA. He is a phenomenal athlete and one of the best athletes I have ever been around. Not just in boxing, I have been around a lot of great athletes my brother is a college football coach, a bunch of the guys he has put in the NFL, I have been around a lot of great athletes and I put him at the apex.”