Cruiserweight Champion, Ilunga Makabu, Excited for Possible 2022 Showdown With Undisputed Middleweight, Saul Canelo Alvarez

It’s a battle of the best as cruiserweight, Ilunga Makabu faces undefeated 31-year-old Saul Canelo Alvarez, a super middleweight, in the ring. Makabu may not know what he’s in for, as Canelo just KO’d Calen Plant in Las Vegas in early November.

Canelos manager knows his capability and capacity to be the very best and encouraged him to take on a battle with Makabu. There is an opportunity to win the world title here, and Eddy Reynoso, Canelos manager, knows that he has a winning chance to do so. With Alvarez being the number one pound-for-pound boxer, a win over Ilunga would place him as a five-division champion.

The 200-pound Congolese progressional boxer, Makabu is confident that will be victorious in the battle and vows to his fellow Africans that he’s going to do everything in his power to win this fight. Having held the WBC cruiserweight title for almost two years, he has of intention on losing his ranking to Alvarez, or any other fighter for that matter, any time soon. “I’m telling you 100%, I will knock out Canelo”, Makabu says with confidence.

The WBC title is at stake here and both fighters are eager to get their foot in the ring. Makabu wants to be the next Mairis Briedis but he has quite a ways to go before being granted that title. While he has been professionally fighting since 2008 and has many victories under his belt, Makabu has been defeated as well. 2011 brought his first major title when he beat Brazilian boxer Pedro Otas. It is this fight that won him WBF cruiserweight champion status.

Both Makabu and Alvarez are preparing and training daily in preparation for the May 2022 rumble. With the cruiserweight title at stake, the pressure is on to perform the very best. Since Alvarez hasn't competed at cruiserweight in the past, the matchup will put his skills to the ultimate test. Competing in a cruiserweight class would give Alvarez the chance to win a title in a fifth-weight class; a true accomplishment if a win comes to fruition.